Editor: Spideralex

Design and layout: Foockinho

Git repositories: Maxigas


  • Dutch: Kel, Ivom, Winston, Ptrc, Lara, Kwadro
  • English: Kate Wilson
  • French: Bruno Lakmeche, Lunar
  • Italian: Ignifugo, Zyev, Swasp, Samba, Largo
  • Spanish: Ana A. Romero, Djaván Adler, Germán

Copy editing:

  • Dutch: Kel en Ivom
  • English: Maxigas
  • French: Viviana Varin
  • Spanish: Spideralex and Ana Lanita

Copy editing, English, “Digital Governance”:

  • Patrice Riemens

Copy editing, Spanish, “Technological Sovereignty: Learning to love machines again”:

  • Ale Fernandez

We would also like to thanks all the authors for their patience and beautiful work:

  • Alex Hache
  • Benjamin Cadon
  • Carolina
  • Claudio Agosti
  • Elleflâne
  • Framasoft + AMIPO
  • Ippolita
  • Kali Kaneko
  • Loreto Bravo
  • Margarita Padilla
  • Maxigas

For supporting, stimulating, inspiring and pushing forward this book, many thanks to:

  • Ritimo 0
  • Erika Campelo
  • Txema and Alejandro
  • Sophie Toupin, Dhyta and Bobby for contacts with pioneers
  • Jara Rocha, Paula Velez and Anamhoo for conversations about appropriated technologies

And last but not least, thanks to the community of Calafou 1.


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